rhizome, 2020

ongoing project / parallax creating

This is an artist-led, multi-layered project that seeks multiplicities, diversities, and states of becoming through ongoing and simultaneous experiments and interventions in social ecology. The point-of-entry for rhizome is on native and nonnative identities, applicable to both plants, animals and humans. Exploring the binary language used to ‘other’ belonging within space.

Rhizome begins to experiment, explore and engage, using the theory as defined by Deleuze and Guattari, by simultaneously exploring and experimenting with the multiplicities of (re)belonging around native and non-native, the impacts those identities have on our understanding of diversity, ecology, citizenship, and the subtle socio-political structures we have built through them.

As an artist and researcher, I do experiments with the objective to work within a creative process that engages and highlights the fractal complexity and interconnectedness of our existence in this world, some of the experiments and interventions serve the purpose of critiquing the current rigid definitions of being and belonging. 

Experiments of rhizome

films for plants
ark 2.0 / invasion seed archive
animation in reflection