My practice as a multidisciplinary concept artist explores an ever-evolving set of themes and narratives that are inspired by place. I participate and co-engage with communities, individuals, and projects through an intricate interplay between creativity and inclusive community building. Outcomes are not an objective but a necessary occurrence via engagement.

I use a playful D.I.Y methodology to investigate social issues and to create inclusive spaces for conversations and co-creation. My multidisciplinary approach fluctuates through the use of research and reflection, a commitment to care, a focus on fostering dialogues, and forging connections. Within my practice I create space to invite participants and collaborators to become active contributors to the methodology’s evolving narrative reflecting the multitude of perspectives that shape society.

More on Methodology

I employ a socially engaged practice or arts participation. My practice constantly evolves through fostering conversations, active listening, collaborations, and social interactions among people and communities, and encouraging creative responses in a co-creative setting. This can look like hosting gatherings, meet-ups, and even workshops that often emerge from interconnected networks within community groups. The participatory aspect of socially engaged practice is pivotal for cultivating my reflective research and supporting co-creation within a given space. In this context the collaborative act of creating together outweighs the artwork itself.


Chelsea also is the lead artist for a National Children’s Charity,  Helium Arts – @ the Limerick Health Hub, a Creative Associate for the Arts Council of Ireland, a regular resident on BLAST and TAP Arts in Education Initiatives, and has led numerous creative projects locally, nationally, and abroad. 

Chelsea’s practice is generously supported by the Arts Council, Creative Europe, the Limerick Arts Office, Creative Ireland, Centre for Creative Practices. Chelsea is a member of the VAI, the Limerick Printmakers and has received a First Class Honours MA, in Social Practice and Creative Environment from Limerick School of Art and Design. 

Instagram/Twitter: @chelsea_canavan