Invasion Seed Archive and Ark 2.0

These are ongoing experiments within rhizome, around understanding how biodiversity works both as an ecological structure, but also as a social structure.

Ark 2.0 began with a series of performative piece of grafting myself to native plants, this is a representation of my own movement and ecological structure I come into contact with at large. Examining the precarious nature and state of belonging I sometimes find myself and current biosphere structures in.

Along with the Invasion Seed Archive these experiments are currently seeking to work within a creative process that engages and highlights the fractal complexity and interconnectedness of our existence in this world, some of the experiments and interventions serve the purpose of critiquing the current rigid definitions of cultural racism, being, and belonging. 

The Invasion Seed Archive is an ongoing project aimed at collecting and archiving invasive seeds within archive packets made from Mylar (rescue) blankets. The Invasion Seed Archive is a representations of the migration and movement of people and plants at large, and the precarious climate and state of belonging they existence requires.

The archive is currently seeking permanent archiving within a heirloom or native seed archive, not only to be seen as ticking time bombs within a fragile ecology under climate and political threat, but also as a way to preserve those which have the potential to become endangered and endanger others.