Decarbonising Together 2022 – Creative Collaborations for Climate Action

The Decarbonising Together project engaged five communities from the Limerick metropolitan area to examine how meaningful climate action can become part of their day-to-day lives. Through the project, each group explores an aspect of decarbonisation that matters to them through a creative collaboration with an arts or creative industry partner. The project focuses on making and doing together to enable behaviour change towards decarbonisation in Limerick.

Grounds for Change, contributed to the Creative Climate Action Fund and Decarbonising Together 2022 projects. In conversation with the Munster Indian Cultural Association, historian John Logan, local farmer Kevin Wallace and Deirdre McMahon of Limerick’s Neighbourhood Food, we talked about issues impacting our environment, in particular food provenance from the local producer to the preoccupation of society’s behaviours in consumerism.

The artists and group created a publication that highlighted these conversations and reflections on how to sustain change within food politics, Grounds for Change, follows the group through conversations with industry professionals all the while they creatively explore responses and reflections with the artists through photography and printmaking.

CanavanPower’s practice engages citizens and communities through dialogue and collaboration. Participatory elements are key, with the outcomes created often holding equal or less importance to the collaborative act of creating them. CanavanPower believes that actions, process and relationship building within the social space is ultimately the art.